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The back pack give away happens every year. Our purpose is to supply youth with school supplies for the school term and to have a preschool pep-rally to get them excited about the new school year.

2023 "Summer Sling Event" 

Arts and Essay Contest for Grades K-12


Greater Duval’s Out East Youth Tutoring and Support Services sponsored an Arts and Essay contest for children from K-12th grade during our 2021 school year We need your donations "NOW" May 1, 2023 to July 28, 2023 for a "Back To School Rally" for our 2023 - 2024 School yearBelow you will get a chance to here and or see the entries that were awarded in our 2021 contest.  We will do an Arts and Essay contest using visual, audio and written word arts during our back to school rally. Our goal is to Raise $6,000. 

Back To School Rally


  • You can donate materials year around by call 352 229-5939 or 352-519-2743 for pick-up or drop off.

  • If you are Interested in making a cash donation to OEYTSS for our BackPack event go to our donate  button here!  

  • Please email for more information.

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